The Argentinian Republic is characterised for its extensive geographic variety as well as its rich cultural life.

Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, has often been defined as the most European city in Latin America, as testifies its architecture and exuberant culture. The city is in a constant growth where modern architecture cohabits with traditional neighbourhoods, often used to fake cities like Paris, Madrid or London.

In the interior of the country are found almost all major ecosystems, from the tropical rainforests in the north-east down to the glaciers of Patagonia in the south.

Argentina is internationally recognised for its great history of cinema and performing arts. Argentinian directors, cinematographers and actors are highly acclaimed and keep the country among the top producing countries in the Americas, both in quantity and quality.

When it comes to production service, Argentina counts with all the equipment of the latest film technologies and excellent technicians, highly trained for cinema and commercials. Last but certainly not least, Argentina counts with, undoubtedly, the best casting in all of Latin America.

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