Thanks to a recent push by the Comisión Fílmica Colombiana, Colombia has become one of the top film producing countries in Latin America.

Local crews are highly qualified and experienced. Camera and G&E equipment meet all international standards, in terms of quality, quantity and range. Colombian rental houses such as Congo Films in Bogotá, are among the best rental houses in all of Latin America.

Shooting in Colombia is a great experience, safe and hassle-free. Being the second most biodiverse country in the world, it offers an extraordinary range of locations, from the Caribbean sea to the high Andes mountain range trough arid deserts and limitless plains, tropical rainforests, classic, colonial architecture and as well as modern cities.

In terms of casting, all kind of physiognomy can be found, combined with a strong culture of performing, acting and modeling. The Colombian population is very diverse. It ranges from Afro-descendants and Indigenous to European caucasians.

Most of all, Colombia has rapidly become an international production hotspot thanks to its unequaled production cost-effectiveness.

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