Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean country that offers the biggest diversity in landscapes and sceneries. Throughout the territory we can find lakes, rivers, mountains, farm fields, rainforests, waterfalls and classic, colonial and modern architectures; not to mention the beautiful beaches with white to golden sands and the deep blue to turquoise waters.

Thanks to the recent tax incentives law for film production, the island’s film industry has drastically improved both in quality and quantity. The DR counts with internationally trained crews and all the technical equipment needed for the production of any audiovisual project.

In the outskirts of the Santo Domingo, Pinewood recently opened an ultra modern studio complex with an aquatic studio/water tank which allows to create controlled under and over water effects.

Being a touristic country the DR has all the infrastructures and supports necessary for for the development of productions and the best convenience for visitors. Excellent climate and quality of the natural light allow to get the best out of everyday production day.

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