Panama is located in the South of Central America, in a strategic position due to its proximity to North America, South America and Europe.

In recent years it has become an important hub of air connectivity so it enjoys a large number of flights and connections to the rest of the world.
It has one of the engineering wonders worldwide the “Panama Canal” that connects the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in a few hours of navigation which gives the country a unique feature.

As a location, it offers paradisiacal beaches with white sands of the Caribbean side or wildest places on the Pacific side, mountains, meadows and rainforests with exotic fauna.

The city of Panama has the perfect mix between historical place represented by the colonial town, Latin American town or metropolis with a modern skyline located in front of the sea, which allows optimizing any shooting plan that needs a variety of looks without generating large transfers.

It is a country of small dimensions where mobilizing work teams does not represent a complication. It has good roads that connect the country, a large supply of local airlines to travel to the most remote places and a very safe territory.

Panamanian crews have had the privilege of working in major Hollywood productions, international television networks and platforms such as Netflix. The hotel offering is excellent, varied and with very competitive rates.

In Panama, casting will not be a problem either, the opening of the country to emigration from many countries has allowed us to have a wide variety of races and types available for any production need.

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