Spain is one of the Europe’s top destination. The country is living a Golden age. Important and notable productions are taking place here. Because…

Spain offers a wide range of geographical, fiscal and monumental characteristics. The peninsula is surrounded by 4900 km of coast. It posses 2.600 miles of mountains, 13450 miles of river, snow capped mountains, 1650 square miles of desert, 100 nature parks and all types of architectures.

From Barcelona, where the Vagabond offices are based, one can travel in less than an hour from the mountain to the beach thanks to the extensive infrastructure and transporting network.

Nothing bad can be said about the weather. Spain has always a comfortable climate with good temperature and 300 days of sunlight throughout the year.

There aren’t any particular shooting difficulties. It is safe and easy to start any project. The safety measures are well controlled and we provide the best public healthcare in all Europe.

Moreover, you can bring together the best professionals who work with the latest technology. We have an advanced range of specific technical equipment and qualified personnel accustomed to work with international cinema, advertising and tourism companies.

As far as casting is concerned any type person you are looking for. There’s a big list of agencies with multiracial and experienced actors or models.

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