Internationally renowned for its Alpine landscape, Switzerland also offers an immense diversity of settings, from lakeshore scenery to quintessential villages via the cobbled streets of medieval towns. Furthermore, thanks to its temperate continental climate, the country provides a wide range of possible weather types.

Filming permissions are easy to obtain in Switzerland. Unlike many other European countries, Switzerland has a very open approach to filming in public areas, on streets or on highways.

Labor costs in Switzerland are similar to those in neighbouring countries but Swiss legislation allows longer working hours, which means tighter production schedules. In addition, Switzerland is blessed with a highly stable political environment (strike losses are virtually unheard of) and moderate levels of taxation.

The very high level of expertise shared by audiovisual professionals in Switzerland is widely recognised. As a corporation, Swiss audiovisual professionals are universally admired for their conscientiousness, their positive attitude and their motivation.

Traveling through Switzerland is easy thanks to a dense network of highways, roads and railway tracks.

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