Over the last 25 years, Uruguay positioned itself as a notable hotspot for European and American filmmakers.

The great diversity of locations in such a small space is a significant attraction for foreign productions. The simplicity to obtain shooting permits and the general look of Montevideo make Uruguay an ideal film set and a very film friendly country to shoot foreign projects.

Montevideo has a very European look, where we can easily recreate a typical Parisian café and a Spanish tapas bar, only a few meters from one another.

Large and beautiful Atlantic beaches such as Punta del Este are located only an hour outside the capital city. Uruguay also counts with a very cosmopolitan population which allows for a great diversity in terms of casting. For more specific casting, it is common and standard to bring talents from neighbouring Buenos Aires.

With excellent bilingual technicians and a good variety of last generation equipment, Uruguay is an ideal country to shoot in.

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